Electrical Pumps

Jerry O'Connor of Newcastlewest Electrical has been serving homes, farms, businesses and communities nationwide since 1980, so we fully understand the water treatment and pumping needs of our customers across the domestic, agricultural; industrial and commercial sectors. We supply and fit all types of water pumps including: Submersible Well Pumps, Overhead Deep Well Pumps, Shallow Well Pumps, booster pumps, Agricultural Wash Pumps (Parlour Wash Pumps), Submersible pumps for pumping waste water.


We also carry out well pump repairs. Wherever you are, whatever your problem, whatever time of day, we can call out to you and fix your well pump. Our experienced engineers have considerable knowledge in repairing most pump equipment. Our well equipped workshops in Newcastle West and mobile workshops have fully equipped facilities, which allows our engineers to repair and overhaul well pumps  and motors. We hold considerable spare stock which will ensure a fast repair turn round. All our repairs are guaranteed.

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Pentax Pumps

The importance of experience.

For over 25 years, Pentax has worked with water and fluid, natural or synthetic, handling systems and does so with the best products and personnel. This matured experience has placed Pentax at the forefront of production and distribution of hydraulic electric pumps: stability and safety are the factors founding its success. As a Supplier of Pentax Newcastlewest Electrical knows the value of exceptional performance from a quality product, with the mature experience of delivering the right pump every time.  

Quality certificate.

In 5 words, Pentax! Reliability, Certified quality always. Quality, Control is the foundation of success. Speed, Customer satisfaction is first and foremost. Flexibility, Whatever your requirement, Pentax finds the solution. Variety, The best solution for your needs.

Pentax founds its policy on constant development of all processes: production, administration, and distribution. A commitment certified by the introduction of Quality Management Systems Certificate UNI EN ISO 9001.

Expertise in all sectors.

Pentax pumps and electric pumps cover the vast range of applicable sectors with efficiency: domestic, agricultural and industrial. The right product for every need. 

Pentax enables you to find the perfect solution by developing the request according to the type of use, product or product family.

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Stairs Pumps

Stairs Industrial Company Ltd. was established in 1981 with the goal of becoming a major international manufacturer of high quality submersible pumps that would meet or exceed international quality standards, be competitively priced, and would be supported by an organization that would provide excellent service to our customers, while at the same time considering the impact of our pumps and activities on the environment. By constantly and diligently working with these goals in mind, Stairs Industrial Co. Ltd. has grown to be a major
international pump manufacturer.

Newcastle West Electrical provides Stairs end-to-end pump manufacturing solutions, delivering unsurpassed quality of pumps to our customers, serving the industrial, commercial, building HVAC&R (heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration) and electronic markets, as well as the residential water.

For Stairs Water Pumps Call: 087-2573067