Water Expansion Tanks

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Clean, pure drinking water that leaves your family healthy and refreshed. We can help you design, install, commission or service any system no matter what quality your water is.

Producers of expansion tanks

Varem S.p.a. produces expansion vessels for more than 40 years. We have become one of the largest producers of expansion vessels in the world, solid and reliable . We started from the beginning as a fair trade and customer oriented enterprise.

Varem S.p.a. represents the concept of ‘Made in Italy ‘ at ist best. thanks to the consistency in keeping to ist original principles, this has lead us to be among the most respected producers of expansion vessels worldwide, with the expansion in the trade of an Italian network.

Those who choose Varem can count on technology, quality and efficiency, these are the features that have helped us to stand out in the market of expansion vessels producers. All originates from our company’s mission to transform the natural good water power, origin of life, into well-being in hydraulic technology.

We are a company in a constant growth that started as producers and suppliers of expansion vessels.
Our products are designed to provide the best performance on the marketplace.